1-2 Days
2-12 Peoples
All Year

One of the weekends we offer will be located in Ballaban , one of the best farms where you will have a variety of activities to do.

The farm in which you will stay has 3 family rooms which one have 4 beds the other 5 and the other 6.

The tour will start with going to the farm where you will enjoy a lunch with traditional food and then continue with a walk to a lake which is 30 minutes away on foot. During the afternoon we will take with us fishing equipment and we will teach children how to fish. All fishing equipment is provided by us. But for those who do not like fishing, they can go to swim. So it will be a really cool afternoon. We will also light a small fire in a pine forest and if we catch fish we will roast it together with children.

Then we do another 30 minute walk to return to the farm where we will eat dinner at the end of the day.

The next day will start again with a royal breakfast as the housewives calls it which will contain jams, honey, pancakes all prepared with organic farm products.

Then the day will continue with a walk in the forest where the children accompanied by Elma will collect mushrooms. Then they will return to the farm where they will clean and cook the mushrooms which have collected and cooked them.

Afternoon consists of doing chores in the garden like collecting medicinal plants with which we will prepare tea for dinner.

Minimum group number: 2 people
Maximum group number: 12 people

Price for one night 65 euro/ person.

Price for two nights 110 euro/ person.

For kids under 12 years old we offer 30% off.

To book this trip you must contact at least 1 day in advance.

Included: accommodation for 1 or 2 nights, 3 or 6 meals , activities.

Note: If transport needed can be provided with an extra cost.