1-2 Hours
1-8 Participants
Over 12 Years Old
11:00 / 18:00, Every Day

Join Marjeta in this delightful cooking class where you will learn to prepare a vegetarian menu. Under Marjeta’s expert guidance, you will learn to create three dishes. The first dish is called “Qofte bobollaqe,” made primarily with yogurt. The second dish is the traditional “Qifqis,” a rice-based specialty found only in Gjirokaster. Lastly, you will learn to make the dessert called “Hasude.” Marjeta has already prepared a seasonal salad for you to enjoy along with your creations.

After all the hard work in the kitchen, you can sit down with your group to savor each of the dishes you’ve prepared. It’s a wonderful opportunity to learn new recipes and enjoy the flavors of Gjirokaster.

Terms and Conditions:

Price 2024: 39 euros per person.

Children between 10-18 receive a 30% discount.

Younger children can join the experience for 7 Euros.

Group Size: Minimum 1 person, maximum 8 people per group.

Time: The cooking class is available every day at either 11:00 or 15:00.

Duration: The class lasts for 1-2 hours.

Age: Suitable for individuals aged 10 years and above.