11 Hours
1-4 People
Guide, Lunch

This off road, multi experience tour requires a whole day. We will start maximum at 8 in the morning with a challenging exceptional drive. Views are some of the most beautiful, small remote villages, old houses, windy roads, no roads, small gardens, very few animals, old churches and the sense of time stopping somewhere in the past. We will stop to visit the ruins of the church of Leshnica and will have a coffee stop by Cerkovica village. A local person will give a short presentation on how this area lives and what was their past, and what do they expect for the future. A tour on mediavel fresco painting art will be led by your guide while explaining about unique frescos in the church of San George and San Athanas.

We will later drive to Butrint to visit the archaeological park. Dating back to the 7th century BC based to the classic mythology the exiles following the fall of Troy moved to Butrint to escape. Originally part of an area called Epirus, Butrint has been occupied by the Greeks, the Romans, the Byzantines and the Venetians. As a result, Butrint offers a wealth of incredible archaeological structures, including a well preserved theatre, Roman public baths inside which lies a paleo-Christian baptistery and a 9th century basilica. The sanctuary of Asclepius, god of medicine sits on its hill or “acropolis” and dates back to the fourth century.

We will drive next towards another adventure the local mussles tour through Butrinti lake on a boat. It is a meditative tour. You will collect your own mussels, will clean and open them. You will stop on the shore to cook and eat your mussels. It is a combination of several flavors including local olive oil and lemons, freshly baked bread and a glass of local wine. Your English speaking guide will make this experience unique by adding the charm of local stories and legends.

We will drive to Saranda next and before returning back to Gjirokastra  you will visit the local art gallery and will have a presentation by the manager who is also a very good painter.

Duration: 11 hours

Time: Last departure time:8:00 am

Group minimum: 1

Group maximum: 4

Price for  1 person: 220 Euro.

Price for 2 persons: 180 Euro/ person.

Price for 3 persons: 170 Euro/ person.

Price for 4 persons: 160 Euro/ person.

Minimal age: 12 years old

Level of difficulty off-road: Medium.

Note: Applications for groups with more participants must be made at least 2 days before the target date.