2 Hours
2-8 People
Over 14 Years Old
Every Saturday

Therapy through art and herbal teas

Therapeutic art is a unique technique for revitalizing the mind and soul through creativity and expression of emotions.

We offer an ART opportunity to communicate and explore new, perhaps unfamiliar aspects, of your personality.

Doodles is the embodiment of free art, inside the lines, but at the same time outside the frames. It is a method of meditation.

Through repetition it stimulates concentration and hypnotizes you to another spiritual level by adding colors, to your emotions.

Inspired by local motifs, you will decide with your coach the design to be drawn.

This experience will be a long-term art and tea therapy option. It will teach you techniques that you might use in the future.

At the end you will take your artwork with you as a souvenir.

Who will lead this experience?

Gazmend Koçollari is a professional painter with extensive artistic experience. He has completed his studies in painting at the Academy of Arts while he is a painting teacher and scenographer of the professional theatre. Free art is a lifelong passion of his.

Booking method: Via web or physically. Reservations are made at least one day in advance

Age: +14 years old

Minimum Group: 2 persons

Maximum Group: 8 persons

Time: Saturday afternoon

Duration: 2 hours

Price: For groups of 2-5 people: 32 Euro / person

For groups of 6-8 people: 30 Euro / person