4-22 Participants
Over 18 Years Old
Every Friday

“Wine tasting and poetry”

Albanian wine tradition

Although wine has a millennial tradition, it is impossible to determine who invented it. Even in Albania this tradition is very old. Wine has been mentioned since antiquity but its history is little documented.

White field and black field are the main wine varieties. The origin of this name is related to the village of Shesh (Field) near Tirana. Both varieties are aromatic and pleasant wines. They improve significantly over time and the accent ruby ​​color on red wine can change with aging.

Kallmet, debina, central, vloshi, serini, pulesi, manakuqi are popular varieties. Albania has four grapes cultivation areas ranging from an altitude of 300 m to an altitude of 1000 m and we will try to bring some flavors from all these levels of cultivation.

“Wine and Poetry” idea

Wine itself is a poem in the bottle. To highlight the true values ​​of tradition in Albania, we will bring every week a winery from Albania to present its products.

Friday night’s program will be announced in advance and will be a year-round event.

During the evening, 2 different wines will be presented, accompanied by the history, heritage and the way wine is preserved and aged. The event will bring the personal story of each producer and the emotion of the whole tasting process. Participants will be invited to be interactive.

This is a non-static event. It will use the interior spaces of our event’s hall but depending on the occasion and the season it can move to the street too.

In harmony with the wine, cold dishes will be served including different types of cheeses, bacon, local fruits or chocolates as appropriate.

Every week there will be something new and surprising that will be announced during the evening. Albanian and foreign poets will come in Albanian and other languages ​​combined with live music and performances. Participants will be invited to convey their emotions through poetry recitation. You can buy your wine souvenir at the end of the activity and also take with you the printed poems of the evening.

How can you book this event?

You can book online or purchase a ticket physically at our office at least one day before the event.

Who will lead this experience?

This experience will be led by a specialized team and will be prepared carefully along the week by them.

The poetic content is led by Mr. Ilir Lluri, director, actor, connoisseur of classical and contemporary poetry. He is also one of the best reciters in the region.

Wine tasting will be led by Mr. Agim Lice with almost 35 years of experience in wine serving and recognition. Mr. Lice has facilitated hundreds of high-level events over the years.

Our collaborators

Our collaborators for this weekly event are some of the main wineries in Albania.

Buka winery one of the most important wine producers in the region. Present in the market for almost 30 years,  Buka winery is run by a well-known wine expert. The product has several national and international prices and is among the elite wines of the South of Albania.

Bejko winery

It started to produce wine since 1999-2000, in artisanal way and in small quantities. In 2010 through a new investment not only the quantity has increased but also the professional processing, according to the standards of the wine has been achieved.

Çobo Winery

Çobo winery opened in 1998, but the wine production dates earlier as it is an old family tradition.

Faba Winery

The establishment of the FABA winery dates back in the early 1990s. Today Faba’s  perfection is guaranteed by an  investment of the latest technology in wine production.

Librazhd Winery

The wine production at Librazhdi winery, is a harmonic process of the classic and contemporary methods, of the tradition, knowledge and passion.

This event is organized every Friday all over the year.

Price: 46 Euros per person / price will vary by the number of participants.

Group minimum: 4 participants

Group maximum: 22 participants

Minimum age: 18 years old