6 Hours
1-10 People
All Year

Gjirokastra wander tour- experiences and tastes

This tour will guide you in the magic of local life. You will get acquainted with the stories that marked the life of this city, events, traditions and rites, which are found in every alley of it.

This is a different tour, where the dates will not be memorized. You will learn about legends, myths, rare events and how they are managed by locals.

The journey will start in Gjirokastra Bazaar. It burned down 300 years ago and since then has been renamed the New Bazaar, a name it still bears today. It can be a wander in different shops.

The second stop will be the Castle, the symbol of city life, the protector of the city surrounded by mystery and legends. During the journey inside the castle, you will visit:

The Clock Tower, cannon’s gallery, Prince’s Church and 2 bektashi cult objects.

You will get acquainted with the legend of Argjiro, and all historical periods that marked the life of the castle and the city. The period of Ali Pasha and that of communism have left many traces still evident in the castle.

Next step – Skenduli House

The next stop will be in one of the characteristic houses of Gjirokastra. A tower-type house built in 1700 with an authentic style, reflecting the pattern of the patriarchal family.

In this house we will look at the facilities organized according to the function guest’s room, winter rooms, nursing corners, pantries, food storage rooms, water tank. The visit gives an idea about life organization inside a typical family of the late medieval period.

Next step – Choose your favorite experience

  • dressing with a traditional costume (you can take your photo souvenir with you)
  • wood carving (you can take your woodwork with you)
  • Stone carving (you can take with you the souvenir that you will carve in stone).

Whichever experience you prefer it will be a local sensation, able to create a personalized memory.

During the tour you will discover  the elements of traditional décor and motifs , their meaning and symbolism sometimes religious but also pagan.

Final step -Cooking class

This experience will take place in a small restaurant in Bazar and will be the last taste from Gjirokastra.In addition to the feelings and memories from your participation in cooking, you will take with you a secret recipe. The whole tour will be finalized by tasting the three local qifqi flavors that come combined with the variety of local herbs.

For 1 person: 110 Euro

For 2 people: 105 Euro/person

For 3 people: 100 Euro/person

For 4 people: 95 Euro/person

Over 4 persons:  90 Euro/person

Included: entrance fee to the castle and to Skenduli house, one experience and the cooking class tasting

Tour language: English, Italian, Greek, French, Spanish and Albanian.

Group minimum: 1 person

Group maximum: 10 persons

Tour length: 6 hours.

All year/ 17 : 00

Note: To book this tour you must contact us at least one day in advance.