3 Hours
2-10 People
Over 18 Years Old

“Italian Stories from South” includes a historical tour accompanied by a detailed presentation of cultural, historical traces, coexistence’s model and well-known figures from Italy who lived and worked in this area. You will travel back in time between wars and will get almost forgotten sensations combined with photos, facts and music of the period.

Initially we will walk through the historic center of the bazaar and two of the neighborhoods where traces of Italian culture are still evident today.

The influence of Italian architecture was the element that modernized at the beginning of the twentieth century, initially the dwellings of the merchants of the city.  Some of them will be part of this itinerary. You will meet through this tour characters such as the architect Vitaliano Poselli who lived and worked in Gjirokastra during the 30s and you will be surprised by his journey in Albania.

In the second part of this tour you will enjoy a coffee in our premises in the historic bazaar where the guide will give you a detailed presentation of historical photographs of the time and evidence collected from the Italian and Albanian archives. Part of the presentation will be facts on Italian military garrison of Gërhot the largest in the Balkans, where 12 thousand Italian soldiers were sheltered and lived for several years. The sound of Italian music of the 30s and 40s will be added to the atmosphere.

Duration: 3 hours

Tour languages: English, Italian, Albanian, Spanish, French, Greek.

Group minimum: 2 persons.

Price 2024: 40 Euro / person (2-10 persons)

Time:  09 : 00 and 17 : 00

Age limit: 18+

Note: To book the tour in Greek and French  languages: you must contact us, at least one day in advance.