3-4 Hours
2-10 People
Over 12 Years Old

This activity starts with the transport by vehicle towards the village of Goranxi in Dropull. There we visit the church of the village and verify the final list of items needed for the trip. Then begins the climb to the Broad Mountain (Mali i Gjerë).
The low-difficulty trail enters a dry creek surrounded by two massive rocks. The karst massif that closes the gorge from the north is one of the rarest natural sights in the entire Drino valley. The whole territory is rich in caves and underground springs.
The climb to the monastery of Ravena traverses the natural habitat of a number of Mediterranean shrubs and is one of the richest areas in curative plants such as mountain tea, sage, oregano, bee grass, lavender, wild rose.
After a vertical climb of about 300 m, the first architectural evidence of the monastery begins to appear. Source of purification, an authentic medieval construction with well-preserved bathtubs filters groundwater and groundwater through karstic rocks. The monastery itself is located on a small plateau overlooking from the east the Drino valley.
The church was built around 1600. It is a rare testimony of medieval architecture and mural painting with strong elements of coexistence of the two currents of Christianity, Orthodoxy and Catholicism.
This tour will bring important details about the little known history of this monument. The lunch that everyone has taken with them will be consumed near the monastery and about 1 hour will be spent to enjoy nature.
The return will occur from the same trail. Although the descent takes less time the difficulty of the activity increases due to the sloping gravel terrain.
After arriving in Goranxi, we return to Gjirokastra by car.

To book this trip you must contact at least 1 day in advance.
Duration: 3-4 hours, Difficulty: low, Age: over 12 years old
Minimum group number: 2 people
Maximum group number: 10 people
Price for a group of 2 people: 42 Euro/person
Over 5 people: 36Euro / person
Participants should bring clothing and footwear suitable for hiking, food for one meal and 2 liters of water.
Other items: sunscreen, hats, personal medications, changeable clothes.
Included: round trip transportation as well as guides in Albanian or English